Both our children have attended Little Blossoms (Grasshoppers before June 2017), our son started when he was 2 and a half (he has now left); our daughter began at the beginning of the year when she had just turned 2. We find the environment and staff warm and welcoming, there is always a good ratio of staff to children so we feel our children have got individual attention when needed but they have also developed good social skills around other children. The activities are always varied but age appropriate and we get comprehensive feedback on how our child is developing. When our son was poorly during a session, I was informed immediately. I arrived to pick him up and he had been well looked after in that time.


Ed and Natasha Green

I would very much like to take this opportunity to tell you how I feel and my experience of Little Blossoms (Grasshoppers pre-school then). My daughter Grace, attends the setting as did her elder sister Molly who has just moved to Eileen Wade Lower School.
I have nothing but praise for this pre-school and the staff that work tirelessly and professionally for the children and parents. My daughter always receives a warm welcome first thing in the morning and I will always be given the opportunity to speak  to (Kate) her key worker for feedback when I return to pick her up.
Grace was shy and reserved when she first attended and she was very reluctant to socialise with other children. She is the complete opposite now. Lively, confident and keen to proceed with the day.
Grace enjoys books and always tells me what books they read that day at the kindergarten. Grasshoppers have been supportive through potty training Grace too which really helped get her confidence up without nappies.
Educationally Grace has started to sound her letters  can recognise her name and can make a admirable attempt to write her name. Grace is also confident with her colours and tends to consider  her peers more often that not. She also enjoys more role play too.
I can't thank Little Blossoms enough for the setting that they provide for my daughter and I always recommend them to other potential parents without hesitation .
I wish them all the best and look forward to the coming terms.

Danielle Arundell-Holland

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