forest school

“The best classroom and the richest cupboard are roofed only by the sky.”

   Margaret McMillan


Forest Schools originated in Scandinavia and use positive outdoor experiences to encourage and inspire children. The Forest School concept was brought to this country in 1993, after a group of early years practitioners visited Danish Forest Schools. Since then, Forest Schools have become increasingly popular as educators clearly see the positive benefits of regular exposure to Nature, noting the way children effortlessly learn through play in all seasons and all weather conditions. Here at Little Blossoms, we have gradually expanded our outdoor adventures by exploring our small allotment, the woodland adjacent to Dalton Hall, and the large playing fields. We garden, climb trees, roll down hills, use natural materials for craft projects, play in the sand and water, as well as a variety of other activities initiated by the children’s interests. Children's health and well-being are strengthened through their Forest School experience. Parents may observe at least some of the following benefits:

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Enhanced social skills and communication

  • More robust physical strength

  • Increased coordination

  • Wider knowledge and understanding of the environment

  • Strengthened motivation, concentration, and determination

We find that that our outdoor sessions give children an understanding of the natural environment and how to handle risks, and most importantly, how to use their own initiative to solve problems, as well as cooperate with their friends.

Please see our gallery of photos to see how your child might benefit from being in nature.

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